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    1. More Than 1 Million March for Women Across U.S., World

      About 600 "sister marches" were planned across the country and the world to coincide with the Women's March on Washington.More

      • since:5 hours and 3 minutes
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    2. Kawhi Leonard's 41 points lift San Antonio Spurs past Cleveland Cavaliers in OT

      The Sports Xchange CLEVELAND -- In the days before the wounded San Antonio Spurs descended on Cleveland, LeBron James anointed Kawhi Leonard the new face of the Spurs.More

      • since:5 hours and 8 minutes
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    3. Milwaukee Bucks F Jabari Parker held out of starting lineup vs. Heat

      The Sports Xchange Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker was held out of the starting lineup on Saturday against the Miami Heat due to a violation of team rules.More

      • since:5 hours and 53 Minutes
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    4. The Subject of an Iconic Protest Photo Returns for the Women’s March

      When 17-year-old Jan Rose Kasmir raised a chrysanthemum to the tip of a soldier’s bayonet during a march on the Pentagon protesting the Vietnam War, Marc Riboud captured the moment in what became one of the most iconic photographs of that era. Today, KasmirMore

      • since:7 hours and 17 Minutes
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    5. Toronto Maple Leafs claim Seth Griffith

      Alex ButlerJan. 21 (UPI) -- For the second time this season, the Toronto Maple Leafs claimed Seth Griffith.More

      • since:7 hours and 28 Minutes
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    6. Why I March: Meet the People of the Women’s March On D.C. in 360°

      As a reaction to the inauguration of President Donald Trump, Women’s Marches have flooded the streets of prominent cities around the United States. Washington D.C. saw participants that ranged in both age, gender and sexual orientation. Meet a few of these menMore

      • since:8 hours and 3 minutes
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    7. 'Despicable': Ex-CIA Boss, Others Slam Trump Speech at Memorial

      Trump's visit was seen as a way to mend fences, but was criticized for a speech seen as lacking respect for the CIA's Memorial Wall of Agency heroes.More

      • since:8 hours and 57 Minutes
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    8. Marchers Say They’re Going to Stay Active in Politics

      Some will run for office. Some will register new voters. Some will badger their representatives. Some will speak up where they had previously been silent. But almost every one of the dozens of demonstrators TIME interviewed at the Women’s March in WashingtonMore

      • since:9 hours and 37 Minutes
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    9. No. 2 Kansas overcomes Texas to post 18th straight win

      By Harold Bechard, The Sports Xchange LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Now comes the tough part for the Kansas Jayhawks.More

      • since:10 hours and 36 Minutes
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    10. Pope Francis issues warm words for Trump after inauguration

      Eric DuVallJan. 21 (UPI) -- Pope Francis offered warm wishes and said he is praying for President Donald Trump hours after he took the oath of office.More

      • since:11 hours and 3 minutes
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    11. 'We Are America': Women's March Spotlights Fiery Rhetoric

      Organizers expect more than 200,000 demonstrators to gather in Washington, D.C., Saturday to march in support of gender and other issues.More

      • since:11 hours and 18 Minutes
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    12. Wis. police urge meth users to have fake drugs 'tested' at station

      Eric DuVallJan. 21 (UPI) -- A police department in Wisconsin posted a tongue-in-cheek message urging drug users to have their meth "tested" in case they were sold a fake bag.More

      • since:11 hours and 37 Minutes
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    13. Donald Trump to Hold First Foreign Leader Meetings as President

      President Donald Trump will hold his first with a foreign leader as president on Friday when he hosts British Prime Minister Theresa May. Trump also placed his first calls to the leaders of Canada and Mexico Saturday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer toldMore

      • since:11 hours and 58 Minutes
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    14. Is More Women Entering Yemen’s Labor Market Really Progress?

      By Amal Nasser Yemen ranks last out of 144 countries on the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index. Yemen is also one of the world’s poorest countries and the region’s poorest country, with its proportion of impoverished citizens almost doublingMore

      • since:12 hours and 47 Minutes
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    15. Hundreds of Thousands Flood the Streets to Protest and Heal During Los Angeles Women’s March

      After sweeping rains in the Los Angeles area—and with more storms on the horizon—the sun came out for the Women’s March in Southern California on Saturday. Hundreds of thousands of people clogged the city streets, sardined together for hours as theMore

      • since:13 hours and 33 Minutes
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    16. Study links herbicide Roundup to liver disease

      Eric DuVallJan. 21 (UPI) -- British scientists conducting a long term study found a link between exposure to the popular weed killer Roundup and severe liver damage in test rats.More

      • since:13 hours and 58 Minutes
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    17. Romanian night club fire injures 41, police investigating

      Eric DuVallJan. 21 (UPI) -- A fire at a nightclub in Bucharest, Romania, injured 41 people and police are investigating whether the club was up to fire code.More

      • since:14 hours and 13 Minutes
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    18. Iran Has Changed, But For The Worse

          by Heshmat Alavi Mr. Alavi is an Iranian activist focusing on human rights, social crackdown, the regime’s support for terrorism, and its nuclear program. The pro-Iran engagement policy camp long advocated how a nuclear agreement with Iran wouldMore

      • since:14 hours and 22 Minutes
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    19. Madonna Has a Strong Message for Critics of the Women’s March

      Madonna delivered a fiery message to those who have suggested that Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington would be a fruitless exercise during her remarks on Saturday. “To our detractors that insist that this march will never add up to anything,More

      • since:14 hours and 22 Minutes
      • view:1
    20. Indianapolis Colts punter trashes GM Ryan Grigson after firing

      Alex ButlerJan. 21 (UPI) -- All-Pro punter Pat McAfee didn't mince words when he heard about general manager Ryan Grigson losing his job.More

      • since:14 hours and 33 Minutes
      • view:1
    21. President Trump Is Trying to Make Up With the CIA

      President Donald Trump is telling CIA employees whose work he has publicly doubted that no one feels stronger about the intelligence community than he does. Trump is addressing about 400 CIA employees at their headquarters in Langley, Virginia, on his first full dayMore

      • since:15 hours and 8 minutes
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    22. Yemeni President Changes Military Commanders

      Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi on Saturday issued a republican resolution promoting Staff Brigadier Ahmed Hassan Jebran to major-general and appointing him commander of Third Military Zone in Marib Governorate and commander of the 13th Infantry Brigade, theMore

      • since:15 hours and 12 Minutes
      • view:1
    23. Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce slapped with two fines

      The Sports Xchange Tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs was fined a total of $21,615 for actions during and after last week's 18-16 playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, according to media reports.More

      • since:15 hours and 18 Minutes
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    24. Rescue efforts yield survivors days after Italy hotel avalanche

      Eric DuVallJan. 21 (UPI) -- Local officials said they now believe 23 people are missing and feared dead after an avalanche buried the remote Hotel Rigopiano in central Italy on Wednesday.More

      • since:15 hours and 48 Minutes
      • view:2
    25. Experience President Trump’s Inaugural Address in 360-Degrees

      At approximately noon E.T. on Friday, Jan. 20, the 58th Annual Presidential Inauguration commenced with the swearing-in ceremony of President Donald Trump, followed by his inaugural address. During his first speech as President of the United States, Trump framed hisMore

      • since:15 hours and 53 Minutes
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    26. Kirk Cousins could follow Kyle Shanahan to San Francisco 49ers

      Alex ButlerJan. 21 (UPI) -- Quarterback-needy teams don't often see a proven commodity as a free agent during the offseason.More

      • since:16 hours and 3 minutes
      • view:2
    27. Seven arrested in decade-old Amsterdam diamond heist

      Amy R. ConnollyJan. 21 (UPI) -- Seven people were arrested in connection to a $70 million diamond heist at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in February 2005.More

      • since:16 hours and 33 Minutes
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    28. The Women’s March on Washington Is Too Big to Actually March

      A massive turnout at the Women’s March on Washington has forced a change of plans. With the entire planned route filled with hundreds of thousands of protesters, organizers can’t lead a formal march toward the White House. That’s according to aMore

      • since:16 hours and 42 Minutes
      • view:1
    29. John Kerry Joins Women’s March on Washington While Walking His Dog

      Former Secretary of State John Kerry joined the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, walking with his dog amid crowds of protesters. Kerry is the only member of former President Barack Obama‘s Cabinet who has been spotted participating in the march,More

      • since:17 hours and 28 Minutes
      • view:1
    30. Washington Redskins' Rob Kelley had knee surgery

      Alex ButlerJan. 21 (UPI) -- 'Fat Rob' Kelley earned the starting job with a sizzling start as a feature back last season for the Washington Redskins.More

      • since:17 hours and 38 Minutes
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    31. At least 16 dead, most teens, in Italy bus crash

      Amy R. ConnollyJan. 21 (UPI) -- At least 16 people, most Hungarian teens, were killed Saturday when their bus hit a bridge pillar and burst into flames in northern Italy.More

      • since:18 hours and 8 minutes
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    32. Stephen Colbert on President Trump’s Inauguration: ‘The Country is a Turd Storm’

      Never one to shy away from President Trump, Stephen Colbert likened Trump’s inaugural speech to “Lincoln huffing paint thinner” and called the U.S. a “turd storm” during The Late Show Friday night. “If you’re waking up from aMore

      • since:18 hours and 13 Minutes
      • view:1
    33. At least 20 killed in Pakistan market bombing

      Daniel UriaJan. 21 (UPI) -- At least 20 people were killed and 50 others were injured after a bomb exploded at a busy vegetable market in Pakistan on Saturday.More

      • since:18 hours and 57 Minutes
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    34. Newspapers Around the World Mark Donald Trump’s Inauguration

      Newspapers all over the world, from Kuwait to Spain to Iceland, have marked Donald Trump’s inauguration on their front pages. A number of newspapers based their headlines on Trump’s promise to make “America First,” a phrase he repeated duringMore

      • since:19 hours and one minute
      • view:1
    35. Donald Trump to visit CIA headquarters

      His vist comes as the investigation into his campaign's ties to the Russian government intensifiesMore

      • since:19 hours and 13 Minutes
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    36. Thousands of Women Have Descended on Washington to Protest President Trump

      (WASHINGTON) — Wearing pink, pointy-eared “pussyhats” to mock the new president, tens of thousands of women massed in the nation’s capital and other cities around the globe Saturday for marches and demonstrations aimed at showing Donald TrumpMore

      • since:19 hours and 48 Minutes
      • view:1
    37. 'In This Together': Women March in Cities Around World

      Organizers expect more than 200,000 demonstrators to gather in Washington, D.C., Saturday to march in support of gender and other issues.More

      • since:19 hours and 57 Minutes
      • view:1
    38. 12 Hours With the ‘Resistance’

      Photographer Natalie Keyssar spent 12 hours with members of the Answer Coalition, which stands for Act Now to Stop War and End Racism, as they made their way from New York City to Washington to protest at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. She takes usMore

      • since:20 hours and 37 Minutes
      • view:1
    39. Why George W. Bush and his rain poncho are trending on social media

      Karen Butler George W. Bush is trending on social media after photos went viral of him struggling to put on a plastic rain poncho during Donald Trump's inauguration.More

      • since:21 hours and tow minutes
      • view:2
    40. More Than 200 Arrested During Inauguration Day Protests in Washington D.C.

      WASHINGTON (AP) — Protesters set fires and hurled bricks in a daylong assault on the city hosting Donald Trump’s inauguration, registering their rage against the new president in a series of clashes that led to more than 200 arrests. Police used pepperMore

      • since:21 hours and 23 Minutes
      • view:1
    41. Global Women's March protests follow Trump inauguration

      Daniel UriaJan. 21 (UPI) -- Hundreds of thousands of people across the world are expected to gather for the Women's March on Washington following President Donald Trump's inauguration.More

      • since:22 hours and 3 minutes
      • view:4
    42. Bob Schieffer's thoughts on President Trump's inaugural address

      CBS News contributor Bob Schieffer witnessed his 14th presidential inauguration Friday. He joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to share his impressions of Donald Trump's inaugural speech and thoughts on what lies ahead.More

      • since:22 hours and 23 Minutes
      • view:1
    43. Protests break out over President Trump around the world

      The protectionist and isolationist themes in President Trump's inauguration speech are causing jitters in many world capitals. But his speech was applauded in Russia, Israel and by populist leaders in Europe. Jonathan Vigliotti reports from London.More

      • since:23 hours and 8 minutes
      • view:1
    44. NASCAR Hall of Fame enshrines distinguished class of 2017

      The Sports Xchange The enshrinement of three car owners of paramount importance to stock car racing, a driver who proved a prolific winner in NASCAR's top-two series and a former NASCAR Cup Series champion who would become one of the most beloved storytellers in theMore

      • since:23 hours and 8 minutes
      • view:1
    45. Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones to play with no limitations

      The Sports Xchange Atlanta Falcons star wide receiver Julio Jones will not have any limitations in Sunday's NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers after nursing a toe injury this week.More

      • since:23 hours and 57 Minutes
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